When choosing what type of garage door is best for your commercial space, consider a few different factors. You’ll want to consider what the function of the door will be, whether the appearance of the door matters at all, the features that your building codes require (if any), and your budget.

When it comes to function, you’ll want to determine how much use the door will get each day. One type of garage door may be better if the door will be opening and closing many times throughout the day, while another could be a better choice if it’s not used often. You may also want to consider whether employees and clients will be using the garage door as an entrance.

The appearance of the door is highly dependent on you and your business. If the garage door is front-facing, you may want something that looks nice and appealing. However, if the door is located in the back and only seen by employees, the appearance may not matter as much. The garage door may be something you want to be integrated into your overall building design, so you’ll want one that is more visually charming.

There will be commercial building codes for your area and the type of building where your business is. This is important to research before settling on any garage door. There are certain regulations regarding what can and cannot be installed. The professionals at 91Ƶcan ensure that your garage door is up to code.

Your budget is an obvious factor that needs to be considered, and it will ultimately play a role in deciding what garage door you’d wish to install. You won’t want to compromise on the integrity of a door just to fit your budget, but 91Ƶcan answer all of your questions and find the right commercial garage door for you and your business.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

There are several commercial garage 91Ƶto choose from. Garage Doors of Indianapolis’ selection of commercial or industrial garage 91Ƶincludes insulated, non-insulated, industrial rolling steel doors, counter doors, coiling grilles, side-folding grilles, and many fire shutters. Our selection also includes steel or aluminum in all colors, slat types, and grades, and our installation technicians understand what you may need for a certain function or requirement.
Each type of commercial garage door serves a purpose. Insulated garage 91Ƶare designed to keep the heat inside during the winter and the cool air inside during the summer. While this type of door is designed to keep those inside comfortable, it can also help with your energy costs. The ability to keep it insulated means that no heat or cool air is escaping and going to waste.

Industrial rolling steel 91Ƶare useful when space is a bit tight. Since these 91Ƶroll into a coil when they go up, less space is taken up, and it leaves the ceiling obstruction-free. These types of 91Ƶare what you typically see at a storage facility, and they’re secure and safe. Counter 91Ƶare a similar design, but they are shorter, allowing you to close and open a counter.

Coiling grille 91Ƶare an open-air model that provides security while enabling air circulation and visual access. These 91Ƶare commonly found in shopping malls and schools. Side folding grille 91Ƶare the same type of open-air design, but they open to the door by folding.

There are so many industrial and commercial garage 91Ƶto choose from that you’ll be sure to find one that is perfect for your business. We will not recommend any commercial or industrial door that is not right for your requirements.

Maintenance, Parts, and Service for Your Commercial Door

Whether your commercial garage door has just been installed, or you’ve had it installed for a while, proper maintenance is essential. You’ll not only want to protect your investment through proper maintenance, but a faulty commercial garage door due to lack of maintenance can be dangerous.

91Ƶcan help you. We provide commercial garage door maintenance services. We also provide emergency services when needed—but we will do everything we can to prevent any emergency services from being needed.

It’s not always just the door that needs attention. Garage door openers, tracks, brackets, motors, cable, springs, and other parts are all important components and need to be correctly installed.

Commercial garage 91Ƶthat are frequently opened and closed can break down easily if a substandard opener motor is used. If a fire shutter that uses substandard opening mechanisms is installed, it can lead to catastrophe. We can install the right equipment correctly so you can use your garage door with ease.

Why Choose Garage Doors of Indianapolis?

At Garage Doors of Indianapolis, our installation technicians can install virtually every industrial or commercial door, or grille manufactured. As professional commercial garage door installers, we work within code. We can work with the toughest deadlines, and we always find ways to overcome the most challenging site demands.

When it comes to garage doors, they often mean the difference between safe and unsafe, secure and not secure, extensive fire damage, and isolated incidents. 91Ƶinstallers are certified, experienced, and routinely work with building managers, developers, contractors, architects, and business owners to provide the right commercial garage door for the customer.