Openers, Parts, and Accessories for Every System

Whether you need a new delivery bay door in your warehouse or a steel spring for a malfunctioning home garage door, we carry a full line of garage door openers, parts and accessories for commercial and residential use.

Our technicians can troubleshoot any problem with your garage door opener, whether you have an older-model opener with wall-switch operation, or a new opener controlled by a smartphone. If your existing garage door opener needs to be replaced, we can help you choose a product that works for your needs and is within your budget – and after we install it, we’ll show you how to operate it.

Emergency Service

A malfunctioning garage door opener may be a minor inconvenience or a serious safety risk, depending on the nature of the problem. Our expert technicians can quickly diagnose why a garage door opener isn’t operating as it should, and with our inventory of brackets, hinges, springs and other parts, we can usually find the right components to repair your garage door quickly – often within hours of your service call.

Security Solutions

A missing remote opener is a security concern for homeowners, because if it falls into the wrong hands, someone could easily open your garage door while you’re away. If your remote opener is missing, we can reprogram your opener and provide a new remote to ensure the old remote opener no longer operates the door.

We offer a full line of garage door openers featuring the latest in security protections, such as rolling codes that are nearly impossible for hackers to replicate.

Garage Door Opener Maintenance
Many common garage door opener malfunctions are preventable, with proper maintenance. When you schedule your annual garage door maintenance visit, we’ll thoroughly examine the opener, your remotes, wall switches and other components, and fine-tune them to ensure they continue functioning correctly.

Get a no-obligation quote for your garage door opener maintenance or repair – call us this morning for service today!