Choose a material type that fits your budget

Historically a high-end purchase due to wood material and swing-out door functionality, carriage garage 91Ƶcan range from expensive to surprisingly affordable, depending on material type:

  • Steel and aluminum (rust resistant): least expensive, broadest range of design options
  • Fiberglass: mid-range, moisture resistant, well insulated, lightweight wood alternative
  • Wood composite: mid-range, moisture resistant, lighter weight wood alternative
  • Wood: most expensive, heavy, customizable

Design and embellishments

Part of what makes carriage 91Ƶso popular are the unique design elements that give it character. Once you’ve chosen the door material, you can opt for panels and sections to create eye-catching patterns. Popular combinations can include steel sections with:

  • Stamped design
  • Overlays
  • Color variety
  • Window design
  • Decorative hardware

Make a stylish entrance with carriage doors: open uniquely

The way a carriage door opens is also part of its charm. A French door-style swing out provides an old school touch. But there are also options to slide, fold or lift up, giving you the ability to achieve a carriage style look or an actual carriage functionality.

And you don’t have to sacrifice modern comforts: remote and security options work with carriage garage 91Ƶso that you get the same safety and convenience–with a flair.

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