Garage Door Opener Remotes


Home and hardware stores stock many garage door openers and remotes for DIY installations, but we advise bringing in professionals for the job–for your protection. Both hackers and device technology are becoming more sophisticated, and we believe that a trusted partner is paramount to securing your home.

91Ƶhas served as such a partner to homeowners in the greater Indianapolis area for over 40 years, outfitting them with garage door openers and remotes that include the newest security technologies, including rolling codes that are nearly impossible for hackers to replicate.

Opener remote features, parts and accessories and security services

New and mobile-based technologies give you convenience; for ease of operation and optimal security, you can choose between remotes that are:

  • Remote controlled
  • Wireless/keyless
  • Smartphone-controlled
  • Internet-activated remote mechanisms

We can also install battery back-ups, motion detector lighting and even LED lit systems for your entire system.

Regardless of the remote device you choose, you don’t have to worry if it is misplaced or stolen; we can reprogram the door opener (rendering the old remote ineffective) and provide a new remote at any time so that only you can enter your home.

Regular maintenance so you don’t have to troubleshoot

The problems that commonly arise with opener remotes usually involve a malfunction with the door opening, and the root cause is typically related to batteries, range, transmitter issues or programming–depending on the complexity of the system and technology it requires.

Don’t waste time trying to research and figure it out–a quick call to our service department will get repairs underway. We like to set up customers on regular maintenance schedules because most malfunctions are preventable. When you schedule your annual garage door maintenance visit, we’ll thoroughly examine the opener, your remotes, wall switches and other components, and fine-tune them to ensure they continue functioning correctly.

Contact us for a free garage door opener quote or to schedule a maintenance or repair visit.