How Gutters Protect Your
Home’s Value

Some people think the only thing gutters are for is to keep the roof run-off from dripping on your head as you come and go during a rainstorm. What those gutters really do is collect and move the water away from your home, preventing it from dumping down right along your foundation. When water accumulates around the foundation of your house, you can bet it will find its way into your basement, crawl space, or all around your concrete slab.

This water can cause a cascade of serious problems that are a real hassle to address. The water can cause mildew, mold (some molds are highly toxic to people and present a serious health risk), rot, and even structural damage over time. When these kinds of problems occur, they can be extremely expensive to repair. Preventing these kinds of serious issues with gutters should be a no-brainer for most homeowners.

When was the last time you thought about the gutters on your home? Like the garage door, gutters are another feature many homeowners don’t think about until something goes wrong. Only then do you realize just how important they are in protecting and maintaining your home and its value.

When your gutters malfunction or fail, serious water damage can result, which is something no homeowner wants to face. The good news is your gutter challenges can be easily addressed by the experts at Garage Doors of Indianapolis. We have more than 35 years of experience in gutter installation and repair. All you have to do is give us a call at 317-860-0806 to discuss your needs and get a quote!

The Anatomy of Failing Gutters:
Sign and Symptoms

Gutters should be level (with a gentle slope for the water to drain in the right direction) and flush against the house to direct water to and through downspouts. Over time, however, gutters can wear out and begin to fail. They may be separating from the home, in which case the sagging and misalignment may mean not all the roof run-off is being captured. Metal gutters will eventually rust through, causing leakage. Many gutters have lots of joints where pieces come together, and those joints can become areas where leaks occur.

If your home has gutters made from plastic, those are susceptible to cracking for all kinds of reasons, leading to leaks. If your home’s gutters are failing, it’s something you want to address right away before more serious problems crop up. If your gutters are generally in good shape, we’ll be happy to repair and address specific issues when possible. If it’s time for new gutters, we can help with that as well.

High Quality Gutters, Expert Installation

When it’s time for new gutters on your home, work with qualified specialists to select and install them for long-term stability. At Garage Doors of Indianapolis, the go-to brand we rely on is Gutter Flo. They make well-crafted gutters from materials that last, including aluminum, pre-painted, seamless gutters and downspouts. Gutter Flo products have strong aesthetic appeal and offer the most efficient design on the market for today’s homeowners. Here’s how we go about a gutter project with any customer:

First make necessary repairs to soffit, gutter and fascia board installation.

Inspecting for underlying issues and creating a plan for restoration.

Fitting gutters with an exclusive leaf protection system to streamline and simplify cleaning.

Recommending productive downspout configurations that accommodate design and landscaping.

Make an appointment and we’ll gladly come to your house and do an inspection of your entire gutter and downspout system to help you determine if you should repair or modify your current gutters or if it’s time to consider new gutters. The good news is that with Garage Doors of Indianapolis, our consultations and quotes are always free! Expert residential gutter installation for greater Indianapolis is only a phone call away at 317-860-0806 or drop us a line through the contact page of our website.

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