Battery Backup Garage Door Opener

During a power outage, your commercial garage door opener won’t work – unless you have a battery backup opener. Not all garage door openers have a battery backup feature, but those that do ensure your garage door will continue to open and close when the power goes out.

91Ƶcarries battery backup openers, along with all the parts to maintain and repair commercial garage doors, fire 91Ƶand swing doors. We also offer emergency service, and if your door needs to be repaired or replaced, we work quickly to minimize your downtime.

Residential Garage Door Service

If your garage door isn’t opening and closing as it should, the opener may be faulty, or the mechanisms that operate the door – such as the pulleys and springs – may need to be replaced or adjusted. Our technicians excel at quickly diagnosing the problem, and we’ll give you a quote for repairs.

New and Replacement Doors

If you need a new garage door, we have many options for commercial customers. Choose from secure steel 91Ƶin any color, insulated 91Ƶfor climate-controlled spaces or sleek glass 91Ƶfor restaurants that can be opened to extend dining space.

High-tech Openers

Garage door openers manufactured in recent years have additional security protections for businesses, such as rolling codes transmitted between the opener and the remote control. These codes change every time the remote is used, preventing hackers from accessing your code and opening the door.

91Ƶcarries openers with battery backup, rolling codes and smartphone-enabled operation. Using your phone or wireless device, you can operate your garage door from anywhere and receive alerts if the door is opened by someone else.

Outstanding Service

Our technicians are certified by the International Door Association, which promotes professionalism in the garage door industry, so you can count on us for prompt, reliable service. Call us this morning for service today!