Traditional Garage Doors: Best for Classic Homes

Your garage door design typically takes its cue from the lines and shapes inherent on your house to create a seamless look. So when you consider the best garage design for a traditional home, classic, timeless patterns are the best options.

What is traditional style

Traditional house architecture is a broad category that includes American and European designs favored up until the 1950s, like:

  • Colonial
  • Country
  • Victorian
  • Mediterranean

These homes are built in either wood or brick and characterized by symmetrical, evenly spaced windows, simple roofs and detail, shutters and straight lines.

Garage door traditional detailing

Because garage 91Ƶneed to carry through a similar look and feel, traditional 91Ƶtypically feature boxy detail with:

  • Raised panels
  • Long, short and/or flush panels
  • Raised, evenly spaced windows–or no windows

Typically these garage 91Ƶare made of wood or steel, but construction today can be quite sophisticated, allowing for insulation that buffers sound and energy efficiency.

What garage door material right for you?

Style is one factor to consider when purchasing a garage door, but material type is equally important — it can define price and maintenance as well as aesthetics.

It’s most helpful to consult with experts–this way you can find the garage door that aligns with your house style and meet all of your needs. We carry a wide range of options, including:

  • Steel and aluminum: require little maintenance, can dent
  • Fiberglass: moisture resistant, well insulated, lightweight alternative to wood
  • Glass: modern look, lack insulation, can be heavy; polycarbonate panels is a lighter-weight substitute
  • Wood: expensive, heavy, customizable
  • Wood composite: moisture resistant, lighter weight wood alternative
  • Vinyl: dent-proof, low-maintenance, insulated, tinted/not paintable

Our IDA-certified installers and technicians are your partners; they can help you with big decisions, like material choice and safety, and with questions about pricing, repairs, programming.